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Chocolate - Episode 137 | 2nd Dec 19 | Surya TV Serial | Malayalam Serial

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Watch the latest episode of the Popular Malayalam Serial that airs on Surya TV.

Saundarya meets Shyamili. She says that even if she complaints to police nothing would happen to her. She gives a book to Meenakshi which says, ‘Get out of my life’ Shyamili returns it by adding ‘Get out of Vikram’s life’. Shyamili gets a call for an urgent food order even though she denies in initially when the customer pleads, she takes it up. The customer comes to meet Shyamili and kidnaps her after making her unconscious. Jayashanker who planned the whole act asks to leave Shyamili inside a room until Saundarya’s wedding is over. Saundarya lies to Vikram about a party at her friend’s place and takes him to the Sub registrar’s office. Vikram gets angry when he realises Saundarya’s plan.
n the counter and asks him to leave the hospital.

Chocolate is the story of Shamlee, an ordinary girl with an extraordinary talent for baking mouthwatering dark chocolate cookies. Is Shamlee's talent good enough to bring her luck in leading a happy married life?

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